What BMX Bikes Are Good For Street Riding?

Looking for the best BMX for street riding is often complicated. The market has plenty of bikes available, with each one offering better performance than the other.

Most BMX bikes are designed to perform stunts. However, we might not have an interest in performing fancy moves or tricks. Sometimes, we only want to ride our bike around the block.

To help you decide which one is the best bike for you, we’ve gathered the top bikes for street riding currently on the market. These bikes are extraordinary good at what they do, and they offer high versatility for you to use them under different circumstances.

So, ready to see our best BMX bike picks? Then let’s go ahead!

Top 3 Best BMX For Street Riding

The following bikes are what we consider as the best bikes for street riding.

1. X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle

X-Games FS20 Freestyle Bicycle

This bike is great BMX equipment for street performance. It is an affordable bike that features impressive specifications considering its price.

It features a solid steel frame suitable for different applications, from casual riding to freestyle. The outstanding gear includes an alloy cassette that allows us to have a smooth pedaling.

The rims are lightweight and highly durable, which ensures the quality of the bike’s performance for a longer time.

2. SE Bikes Wildman BMX Bike


This brand continues to produce the best BMX bikes for the money. Now, this particular model is a great option for ramps and to use on dirt surfaces, but that does not mean it isn’t good for street riding.

The lightweight structure gives us comfort like no other bike can provide, which makes it extremely versatile to work over different areas.

3. Elite BMX Stealth Freestyle Bike


Elite offers us another bike capable of meeting our most demanding necessities. This bike features a steel frame that withstands many riding styles, which makes it suitable for street, dirt, and park.

Furthermore, this is another good example of a good bike for all audiences. If you want to start your way in the BMX sport, this bike is a valuable option to consider.

Before Buying, You Should Consider

Regardless of the type of bike you choose, there are some considerations to keep in mind before you make any buy.


Street BMX is simply riding on your bike around the streets. While most cheap bikes can accomplish this task, you’re going to need an expensive bike to take full advantage of its benefits.

Most of the bikes give us the freedom to perform not only on street but on dirt and other surfaces. Although we might not consider it necessary, there’s always the possibility to use a versatile bike at different locations if we change our mind in the future.

Additionally, we can use it under different cycling speeds. The speed variety not only makes it great for professional users but for beginners as well. Street BMX bikes are great to help amateurs learn more about the sport.

Quality Parts

Even if we don’t plan to use the bike for professional purposes, we still need to put our attention into every part of the bike. Yes, that also includes the little parts. Making sure that we buy a bike with quality parts will give us a durable bike.

Freestyle Bikes Are Similar to Street Bikes

When we’re looking for a street BMX, we will find multiple freestyle bikes as well. They might have a different target audience, but most of the freestyle bikes are good for street riding too.

If you come across a freestyle you like, check all of its specifications to check if the bike works properly on the street.


As you can see, there are several bikes with enough versatility to cover what we need. Buying a freestyle bike could become our best solution if we want a street bike. After all, a good bike should cover multiple terrains, and it should also deliver a quality performance regardless of where you ride it.