How Good are Schwinn BMX Bikes?

Schwinn bikes were our ultimate solution many, many years ago. Today, new BMX brands have come to the top, and they’ve overshadowed the Schwinn brand entirely.

It is not a surprise. These bikes were fun and could get the job done, but other brands have managed to change the game entirely.

Nonetheless, we still can find these bikes in many stores. They might not offer enough quality to compete with bigger brands, but they still are good equipment for a variety of riders with specific demands.

Today, we’ll analyze what this brand has to offer, and why they continue to provide great performance for riders.

What Made Schwinn Bikes Good

In the past, it was incredibly easy to find at least one Schwinn bike in every house. They were all over the place, and there was little to none competition at all in the market.

During the ’60s and ’70s, Schwinn managed to create and produce innovative ideas that captivated everyone. Their designs were pretty famous in many places around the world, which translated to the company gaining more fame and achieving greater success.

The company took advantage of their success and continued producing great bikes. Schwinn bikes were the symbol of excellence. If you bought one of them, you would receive a bike with great quality, high durability and capable of performing at a high level.

Sadly, their success came to an abrupt end. The management change reflected on the bikes they produced later on, which lacked the same quality of previous models. Later, the company’s focus seemed to change as well. After that happened, the quality of the bikes plummeted.

Benefits of Buying a Schwinn Bike

Of course, not everything is bad. Although they can’t compare to modern brands, you still can use the Schwinn bike for certain applications. There are several benefits these bikes provide. We’ll go through them next:

Good Performance

It is capable of delivering good performance on different terrains. Whether you’re a rider that enjoys riding on the dirt, or you enjoy roads better, the Schwinn bikes offer versatility for cycling on both surfaces.

Reduces Body Fatigue

Regardless of where you use it at, the Schwinn bike’s design is comfortable for everyone. It is capable of reducing stress in different body parts, like your neck and shoulders.

Big Variety of Models

Whatever your riding style is, Schwinn probably has a bike that meets your demands. The versatility of their bikes covers many areas. For instance, you can choose bikes to ride entirely for fun, or you can get bikes designed to assist you during your exercises. 

A Trusted Manufacturer

If you’re looking for a trusted manufacturer, then you will not have a better option than a company that has been in the market for decades. The Schwinn equipment has a strong reputation that follows it, and the manufacturer has managed to solidify their brand in the market.

Also, they give you a lifetime warranty for their products. There’s nothing you should worry about if one of the parts arrives damaged because they will take care of it effectively.

Disadvantages of Buying a Schwinn Bike

Unfortunately, there are several reasons why these bikes are not as popular as they once were. We’re going to mention a few of their most notable disadvantages.

Poor Quality Parts

You can see the poor quality in parts like the frame and the bike’s accessories. The frame often makes it complicated to pedal on certain areas, which becomes frustrating for everyone.

It features saddles and wheels with low quality as well. Because of that, it makes it very uncomfortable to perform longer rides, but it also could cause accidents if the wheels can’t resist the terrain.

Heavy Weight

Another disadvantage of these bikes is their weight. They are very heavy in comparison to other brands, and it will exhaust you quickly. Riding on long trips is not the best action if you buy a Schwinn bike.

Final Verdict

Now that you’ve read our article, you have a better idea about how good these bikes are. They’re great bikes if you’re looking to ride it for fun and casually. However, if you’re looking for professional bikes with high quality, you might want to consider other brands.