Where Can You Buy a BMX Online?

If you are looking to buy the best BMX bike, there are a couple of considerations you must keep in mind. One of which is where are you going to buy it exactly?

It isn’t a stretch to say that we buy most of our needed products through online mediums. The internet keeps growing every day, and people continue creating new methods to sell their equipment and items.

For our BMX equipment, it is the same. It is always easier to check offers online because it allows us to take a look at different models without barely any effort. However, buying online does have its risks, which is why you should always look for reliable sources.

Here, we’re going to check the most popular methods to buy a BMX online.

Buying a BMX Online

Now that you’ve accepted that the internet has got everything you need, it is time to check the different sources to buy a BMX. We recommend that you do extensive research to find the best BMX to buy, which is a combination of quality, price, and durability.

To purchase a BMX online, we got three methods:

1. Buying from the Manufacturer’s Website

We highly recommend checking different BMX official websites. It will allow us to have a better idea about what these products can do, and it also gives us an estimated price range to consider. There are barely any sellers that are as effective as the manufacturers itself.

Another advantage is that you can communicate with them directly. By doing this, you can ask every question you might have, you also get all the bike’s specifications, and they give you a warranty as well.

In case you’re wondering, we do have a couple of brands to recommend checking out. A couple of them are Mongoose BMX Bikes, Elite BMX, Eastern Bikes, Redline bikes, X Games bikes, WeThePeople, among others. These guys are at the top of what they do, and many riders prefer their bikes. Checking their websites is something you must do if you’re looking for great equipment.

Benefits of buying from the manufacturer’s website directly:

  • Direct communication with the people responsible for the bike
  • Allows you to clear any doubts you might have
  • Completely new products with all of the benefits they provide
  • Warranty
  • You don’t have to worry about receiving a damaged equipment


  • Prices are higher than buying it from other places

2. Buying Through E-Commerce Platforms

We can’t leave E-Commerces on the side. These platforms have had incredible growth over the past years, and they continue to become bigger and bigger.

Buying a BMX from these platforms is a good idea. It is a great method because sellers often post all the information about the bike. They tell you the bike’s specifications, what surfaces you can ride it on, if there are certain parts that you need to change, etc.

Another amazing benefit we get when we buy in these sites is the fact that they make sure you get what you ordered exactly.

If anything bad happens, like your product arrives missing a part, or damaged, you only need to inform the platform, and they will contact the seller to figure out what happened. The most common E-Commerce sites to buy BMX equipment are Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Wix.

Benefits of buying through an E-Commerce:

  • Lower prices
  • You get to read reviews from other buyers
  • In most cases, E-Commerces cover you if you don’t receive what you ordered
  • You can ask as many questions as you want before buying
  • Plenty of offers to check before making your decision


  • Even though sellers might assure you the product is fine, there’s always the risk of receiving damaged parts

3. Buying Through Social Media

There are as many advantages as disadvantages of buying a BMX through social media. Sure, you get to see the product very closely, but we’re not certain that we’ll receive what they are showing us through pictures.

Nonetheless, there’s a great benefit we get from using this method, which is that people often sell their bikes at a lower price. They want to get rid of their items as quick as possible in most cases, and we’re there to take full advantage of that. Do we recommend buying a BMX using social networks? We recommend that you do it only if it is your last resort, and especially if you’re working with a low budget.

Benefits of buying a BMX from social media:

  • The bike’s prices are lower than buying from other sources
  • You can ask many questions as you please
  • You can set a date to inspect the bike
  • You can also test the bike if you feel it is necessary


  • Not as good as buying new equipment
  • Some parts might be missing
  • There’s the risk bike’s durability is compromised

Considerations to Keep in Mind Before Buying a BMX Online

Before we buy a BMX bike online, there are a couple of considerations that we must keep in mind.

A Suitable Bike for Your Purposes

Another consideration you want to have is that not all BMX are good for every application. There are bikes designed specifically for dirt, others for pavement, parks, among other terrains. Before you decide which bike you want, clear your doubts about what the bike can and can’t do. If you want it to perform stunts, you will need a bike with a solid aluminum frame, as well as specific types of tires and pedals.

Trusted Source

Naturally, you want to buy from a reliable and trusted seller. Don’t make a quick decision based on a low price, because you might end up having to use more money to replace it later.

Buying from the manufacturer is always better. It allows you to establish direct communication with the producers, who are going to tell you everything you need to know about their bike. They also help clear your doubts and concerns. Additionally, you get a warranty.

In case you buy from an E-Commerce platform like Amazon, that’s okay too. These platforms are extremely professional, and they will cover your back if you receive your product with certain parts missing.

Through these platforms, you also have to capacity to check the seller’s reputation, as well as other buyer’s reviews. It is an incredible source of information to understand better what you’re going to buy. However, for social media, trades are entirely different. Sure, you might get lower prices, but you won’t have complete certainty of what you’re going to receive until you get it.  For this last method, it is important that you are extra careful.

Final Words

Is it possible to buy a BMX online? Absolutely. Make all the questions you might have, and clear all your doubts first.